About 20 odd years ago, I met another woman. To be clear, I was allowed to do that.

It was on one of these online dating sites in Germany. Curious about this world, I decided to give it a try. Wow, you meet some weird people there! This particular person lived in another city, about 500km away from me. We started talking and continued our friendly banter until we both felt confident enough to meet in person. I drove the distance.

While it was fun, it wasn’t to be. Her feedback was rather harsh: She said, she felt no spark igniting. Her expectation was if it doesn’t spark immediately, well, walk away and don’t count your losses. I am more of a slow burner because after the first impression comes the second, which in my opinion counts more.  

Anyway, all this is history, but there is one takeaway from all of this: it is one of expectations.

And now, with the world being what it is, expectations are so much higher. For example, young people are being prepared for their “Instagram Debut”, a carefully choreographed event. Instagram is old hat now, even TicToc is slowly sinking. I have no need for Tinder or whatever else the future holds.

Maybe half the world’s problems lie in the fact that we focus more on people than on actual facts. Look at politicians and businesspeople, names do not need to be mentioned.

Social media is what it is, a clear mirror reflecting all of humanity in a hot focal point. The only difference is that somebody keeps polishing the mirror.


How does one get the first impression right? Is it really sooo important?

In our first Tuesday Get-together, we test two scenarios, both contributed by Igor. One is the Ice Breaker Speech of his “Toastmaster Chapter”. I will leave it to him to explain what that is.

The other event, perhaps more far-reaching, is Igor’s introduction to his new work colleagues. The organisation is, well, a little different, the people are, well they are what they are, and the job description is clear, but there is very little concrete to go on. So, we will explore that as well, and maybe there is something that Igor can use to make his “company debut”.

And of course, perhaps you have a story to tell about job interviews, first impressions and so on. And with it, the pressures, expectations, horrors, positives, and all the human stuff that makes us feel uncomfortable. Or absolutely fantastic.

See you again, at 7 pm CET, 9 PM in Turkey, and 2/3 pm in Brazil.