My name is Frank. I was born in Hamburg, Germany, back in 1961. I have been teaching in the private sector for almost 30 years.

My childhood was spent in Japan and Australia. I also lived in England, Belgium, and Germany. Today, Mary, my English wife, and I divide our time between France and England. My teaching experience is long and varied. I took my first teaching steps with Berlitz back in the 1990s in Frankfurt. In 1997, I bought a language school in Mannheim. We worked with large international companies such as DaimlerChrysler (Now Mercedes); and Bombardier (now Alstom), just to mention a few. My team of teachers supported the employees whilst I worked with the Management.

In 2015, after a health scare, things changed dramatically, and I started in a new direction, which is now called the Brida Project. Teaching outside a state school system is very different. You are not students; instead, we have clients. It means we have to focus on what you need rather than what a government authority says you should learn. That has a direct impact on how I will work with you.

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