Today you got out of bed. You might have switched on a light, turned on the tap in the bathroom, switched on the coffee machine, driven to work, used some equipment, done your job and eaten something cooked by others. You might have gone shopping or taken public transport. You will go home, watch TV, read a book, or listen to music. Then, the day is over, and you go back to bed.

Everything you have done today has been possible because someone has done something. Someone you will never ever meet. You trust the result of that person’s actions. Just as much as that person has to trust what you do.

So, this is it. Only now, it is different.

You have been meeting each other for a good three to four months.
You have gained an impression of each other.
And we are still talking. That’s progress, yes?
But how do you get to know and understand each other better?
How do strangers become acquaintances become friends?
How can you find out? What do you say?
Now’s the time.
Don’t be scared. You’ve already cleared the first hurdle.
I think you can begin to trust each other, can’t you?
Let’s do this.
See you tomorrow at 6 pm UTC, 7 pm CET, 3 pm Curitiba, 2 pm Campo Grande, and 9 pm Antalya.