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idier’s To Do List

Suppliers spoken.

Le Corvaisier for the pumps, emptying drawers.
The water is running out too slowly.
The company should supply another pump.

talked about the valve.
The pipes must close. The pipes must be tight.
The valves must match the pump.

Modification for the filling of the drawers.

Old system: With a tank and a meter.

New system: With an ultrasonic sensor.
The sensor sends a sound to the water surface and this is reflected.

Programming the sensor:

When there is enough water in the tank, we press on the button and the water level and quantity is stored.


It saves time, money and work. The sensor is cheaper than the meter.

First, the sensor must be programmed. For that we have to fill the drawer and for that we need a prototype. We then have a MasterSensor.

If the sensor has a problem. We build a counter as security. If the sensor does not respond, the meter automatically stops the water supply.

We turn the counters on the machines.

In the planning one always needs alternative possibilities.

Modification 2.

Old system
There is a subprogram to fill the tanks and drawers.
We have to replace the subprogram.

We have to do a new subprogram with the sensor control.

This is done by BB-Automation.

For that we have to modify the electrical plan.
We have to remove the counter. The air valve is removed.
We have to install the sensor.

We keep the old air valves.

The frame needs to be modified.

The opening on the old frame is for flanges is 300mm.
The new flanges should be 400 mm. be.

We need to modify the framework plans before ordering the frame from RobotUnits.