Read & Listen – The Lemon festival in T Tree Town


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[sayit blocks=”5″]The Lemon Festival takes place annually on or around March 10. The Mayor of T-Tree is the President of the Citrus Cities Association. The festival is also combined with the Mimosa Flower Festival. T-Tree hosts the Lemon Festival to encourage tourists to visit the region during the off-peak season.

The citrus fruit growers founded an association to provide citrus fruits for the tourists. The first festival was in 2009, making this year its tenth anniversary.

This year’s festival was successful because many people visited T-Tree. It was during the school holidays and the weather was beautiful.

The region is famous for its lemons, oranges, lavender and mimosa flowers. Each year, the association chooses themes from Broadway musicals. The highlight are the night parades. The children carry torches and the Music School performs songs from different Broadway Musicals.

About 50 tons of fruit is used, 20 members of the association work for one week to prepare the festival. All the fruit is sold after the festival at increased prices. Only organic fruit is used.[/sayit]