Iguazu Falls, Argentina


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Today we travel from Buenos Aires to Iguazu.

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  1. Introduction video
  2. How do we travel from Buenos Aires to Iguazu?
  3. Which flights can we take?
  4. What can we do at the Iguazu Falls?
  5. Can we do a tour?
  6. Do we go to Brazil?
  7. Summary



Getting from Buenos Aires to Iguazu


Option 1

Explain to the class the following points, using complete sentences:

a) bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu.
b) the price and time for travelling when comparing with flying.
c) the duration of the journey, the cost of the journey.
d) the quality of the busses.

  • Where is the Buenos Aires bus station?
  • Which companies are recommended?
  • What can you do if you want to cross the border to Brazil?
  • As an EU citizen, you do not need a visa for Brazil. What does this mean?Option 2

  • What is the advantage of flying when comparing with travelling by bus?
  • Where can I fly to?
  • How many flights a day are there to the falls?
  • What can you say about the flight prices?
  • Which airline is recommended?
  • Which airport is better if you want to visit the falls.


Watch the video below. It will give you information about fights from Palma to Porto. 

Look at the flight information below.


Ask individual members of the class the following questions

  • When can we depart from Buenos Aires?
  • When do we arrive in Iguazu?
  • How long is the flight?
  • How many stopovers are there?
  • What are the prices for each flight?
  • What are the advantages / disadvantages of Flight 1, Flight 2, Flight 3.
  • Which flight do you recommend we take?


Activities at the Iguazu Falls




Ask members of the class the following questions:

  • How many things can we do in Iguazu?
  • What is the best thing to do?
  • What else can we see?
  • What is the post code of the Iguazu National Park?
  • What are the opening hours?
  • What do people think of the Iguazu National Park?



A tourist’s review

Explain the following information:
1. the name of the person who wrote the text.
2. where the person lives.
3. when he wrote the text.  



Ask members of the class the following questions: 

  1. How may activities can we do on Day 1?
  2. What are these activities?
  3. How many activities can we do on Day 2?
  4. What are these activities?
  5. What will happen during one of these activities?


Going on an organised tour of the Iguazu Falls. 


  1. Read the information to the class.
  2.  Inform the class, IN YOUR OWN WORDS :
    start with:
    “The guide will……… 
    a) give us information about the falls. (history, creation)
    b) Pick us up at our hotel.
    c) show us only the Argentinian side.
  3. Ask the class if this is a good idea and do people in the class want more information? (The answer must be yes). 


Read the information below to the class. 

Ask the class the following questions.

1. How long do we stay at the National Park?
2. How long do we stay at the “Garganta del Diablo”?
3. How long do we stay at the water falls?
4. How long do we stay at Puerto Iguazu?
5. How long is the guided tour?


Ask the class for the meaning of the following words: The answers are in blue. 

how long is the tour?     full-day
how do I find the tour group?  pickup from hotel
how do we drive to the falls?  tour vehicle
where does the tour vehicle drive you?  heads for the falls.
who drives the tour vehicle?  the guide takes care of the driving.
what does the guide do?  he provides information about the history of the falls.
what happens when we arrive?  We ride on the train of the forest.
where can we walk?  hiking trail, vantage points are the best places to look at the falls. 
What can we see at the Devil’s Throat?  it is an overhang, (a platform), the river, drops, 60 metres.
What can we do in our free time?  choose, hiking trails, easy to challenging, see birds, have picnic.
Is the tour finished here?  return, hotel.



What people say about the tour.


adjectives : excellent, professional, great, 
positive words : highly recommend, reception area, she was late

What did the person say about the tour?


nouns : falls, boat trip, coatis. 
adjectives : great.
verbs : to experience, get soaked, ride, walk, look out for. 

What did the person say about the tour?

What is the price? 


Is it good value for money?
Ask “Who wants to do the tour?”


Crossing the Border into Brazil 




Ask the group the following questions. 

How do we want to go to Iguazu?
Which flight do we want to take?
What do we want to do in the National Park?
Do we want to take a guided tour or explore ourselves?
Do we want to see the falls from the Brazilian side?
What do we need to take with us to cross into Brazil?


Next Week : Patagonia