26.09.19 Corsica – Island Highlights


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Welcome to Corsica. 
We hope you are enjoying your stay here.

In today’s lesson, we will discuss which parts of the island  you would like to visit.

You can download the print version of the lesson here.


Have a look at this video:

  1. Les Gorges de la Restonica
  2. Eglise Saint-Michel de Murato
  3. Bonifcacio Citadel
  4. Village d’Occi
  5. Aiguilles de Bavella
  6. Grottes de Bonifacio
  7. Scandola Nature Reserve
  8. Plateau de Coscione
  9. D81
  10. Les Clanache Cliffs

What are the typical questions you can ask?

  1. Where is it?
  2. What can I see and do?
  3. How far is it?
  4. Why visit it?
  5. How much does it cost?
  6. When can I see it?
  7. What is important to remember?


Les Gorges de la Restonica

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.58″]To walk up to the Lac de Melo, the first lake, took about 1h 10 minutes and it took about 1h 30 to come down. Walking up is moderately rocky but you don’t need to be an expert climber to walk up it. A moderate level of fitness is advisable and if you’re a bit unsure it’d be worth getting walking sticks. If you are driving, make sure that you drive to the car-park at the end. 

The hikes are well marked out, and as it’s quite busy, I think it would be difficult to get lost.

We didn’t have a car with us so we got a train to Corte and then hitch-hiked into the gorge. I was  a bit nervous about this at first, but as there is only 1 road into the gorge, it’s quite easy to do and the people who drove us where really nice. If you want to hitch-hike, make sure to walk from the station to start of the D623 – this is the road which goes into the gorge.

There were some places to get food at the start of the hike, but I would recommend getting food and water packed in advance as you will get hungry as you climb. Also make sure to bring layers as your temperature will fluctuate depending on where you are.

All in all, this is a great place to visit![/sayit]


  1. Is it a long walk?
  2. Do we have to be very fit?
  3. Do we need a car?
  4. What must we think of?
  5. Do we want to do this?


    Eglise Saint-Michel de Murato

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.58″]Simply stunning. Worth a journey.
Fabulous location. Wonderful architecture. Fascinating interior. And not many tourists. One of the highlights of our Corsican holiday – it is now the screensaver on my mobile!Cool church and interesting story.
Wanted to go here as I liked the look of it. Crazy chessboard effect. So much more. Lots of interesting stories built into the stonework. Get the guidebook to follow the tales.Something rather unexpected.
This medieval church is just beautiful in its simplicity and pureness. It is something that really deserves to be seen. It is a great and hidden piece of arts. Lovely![/sayit]


Fabulous location = Emplacement fabuleux
Wonderful architecture = Architecture merveilleuse
Fascinating interior = Intérieur fascinant
Not many tourists = Pas beaucoup de touristes
Crazy chessboard effect. = Effet d’échiquier fou.
Lots of interesting stories. = Beaucoup d’histoires intéressantes.
Medieval church. = Église médiévale.
Beautiful. = belle
Really deserves to be seen. = Mérite vraiment d’être vu.
It is a great and hidden piece of art. = C’est une grande œuvre d’art cachée.


Bonifacio Citatel & Grottes

Unforgettable! Inoubliable!

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.58″]I discovered the view of the citadel years ago coming from the sea: it was breathtaking. I did not have much time then to appreciate the views from inside or the top of the citadel. I went back this year in May and climbed to the top and enjoyed the many astonishing views from there. If you are nearby, don’t miss it![/sayit]

It was breathtaking = C’était à couper le souffle
Appreciate the views = Apprécier les vues
Astonishing views = Vues étonnantes
Don’t miss it. = Ne le manque pas.



[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.58″]The grottos and the rock faces of Bonifacio are of the most stunning coastlines I have ever seen. We rushed down to the SPMB ticket sales for our Circuit 1 (€17.50) trip at 16:00 worried that we wouldn’t get a place on the boat. At the end of June, we had no problem and were heading out to sea at shortly after 17:00. The boat goes into the cave, and although we didn’t understand a word of the commentary, we loved it. It lasts one hour. We were lucky enough to have no rain but the most stunning, dramatic skies I have ever been able to catch in photos. I thought that white cliffs against the dark skies were very impressive indeed!

The next day we again headed down to the SPMB ticket sales office for Circuit 2 (€35) which goes to the Lavezzi Islands. This tour goes to the same cave on the way back to the port. Although I would still choose to do Circuit 1 as a separate trip, it is not totally necessary if you do Circuit 2 to the islands as you will still see a grotto and the beautiful cliffs of Bonifacio. If you are pushed for time or on budget, leave out Circuit 1. We did, however, love to see these beautiful cliffs again in the bright sunlight of the clear skies the next day.[/sayit]

most stunning coastlines = les plus belles côtes
we loved it = nous l’avons aimé
the most stunning, dramatic skies = les cieux les plus spectaculaires
very impressive = très impressionnant
the bright sunlight of the clear skies = la lumière du soleil du ciel clair


What do you want to do?

I want to see / admire / experience / explore / …

… a fabulous location 
… some wonderful architecture 
… a fascinating interior
… a medieval church.
most stunning coastlines.
… astonishing views.

… breathtaking views / coastline / architecture / pieces of art. 

I want to hear… 
…lots of interesting stories.