About Lionel


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[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.5″]My name is Lionel. I live in Schirrhoffen. I am a technician.

My birthday is in July. I was born in St. Dié.

I have two brothers and 1 sister. My hobby is walking.

My mother is called Marie-Christine. My father is dead. My daughters are called Gwen and Océan. Their birthdays are in March and June. They live in Schirrhoffen. They go to school.

My wife is called Céline. She was born in France. Her birthday is in October. She is a housewife and her hobby is watching television. My mother-in-law is called Claris and my father-in-law is called Gilbert. They live in Soufflenheim. I have no brother or sisters-in-law.[/sayit]