Françoise – France


Lesson Attachments

Alps, in the Swiss Valais above Martigny, almost at 3000 m height.
A wonderful and luminous summer day light up the rocks, the peaks and all the space. After few hours ascent this view gives joy and happiness.


Stockholm Archipelago.

Here we never know where the water begins and where the earth ends. Here is the perfect alliance of elements.

Focal on the mountain’s flowers. A multitude of colours and forms. What nature can give us as beauty and diversity in a small extract.

From the summit of the Brevent, the view of the French face of the
Mont Blanc and, below, Chamonix.

It give us the sensation that we can touch it, it’s so close and so far at the same time…strange and yet so great !


Mauritius. A banyan with its aerial roots that become a trunk and thus built a so giant tree that  protects human and animals from heat and rain.
It is called the sacred tree.


Close-up on a pink sandstone cliff in the Palatinate in summer, just for the sunset.
A perfect moment but a question : how can grow and live a tree in rock ?
It evokes courage and strength and  shows us, once again, the beauty and  magical power of nature…