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Look at the picture below. 

Read the dialogue between Niki, a teacher of English in Baku and myself.




Main Course


The Brida Journal, Week 41

Frank has some questions.


Text Marwa 

Questions from the GEC 

Zina, Syria  (Teaches English to very young children)  


Thierne (Mola), Dakar, Senegal




Post in Global English Classroom on Facebook by Sylvie last weekend. 


Questions from others.

Would Sylvie now like to answer these questions which will be the text for an article in the Brida Journal? 



Digestif (Exercise at Home) 

Marwa & Aicha 

Read the questions, write answers, integrate the answers into your articles.
When you have done that, write to (via me) Ismar some questions, who lives in Brazil,  about the Amazon fires. 


The others in the class

Ask these two gentlemen questions about their activities.

What I do.

I am freshly retired. For the moment, I want to travel around France to visit family and friends. I want to start small vegetable plot. I rented a small piece of land last week and I am preparing it for the spring.

Words to work with:  to retire, to travel, France, to visit, vegetable plot, small piece of land, preparing it. 

Question words : why, what, where, when, who, which, how.

Match the key words with the questions words: 
Why did you retire? 
How do you travel? 



What  I do

  1. Read the text. 
  2. Look for words which interest you (Nouns and verbs).
  3. Match them with the question words: (why, what, where, when, who, how, which). 
  4. You can read Ismar’s article about his home town here. 

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