28.11.19 Lindos Texts


Lesson Attachments

Text 1

We visited the typical village of Lindos with its white houses. We strolled in the narrow streets made of cobblestones with beautiful flowers at each door. We took advantage of shopping in the shops.

We also discovered the Acropolis with its beautiful columns that we admired on a sunny day.  

On the height of the Acropolis we had a beautiful view of the sea. The weather was a little cloudy with sun. Later we had enjoyed swimming in the sea, We had sunbathing in the sun and we walked the along the beach.

We had rented diving masks and explored the sea. We had sailed on a boat and had a nice ride and admired the cliffs. It was very pretty.

The next day we walked under the arcades where there were shops, a market, terraces with umbrellas. A beautiful fountain that ran in the middle of the central square, a little further the church, the monuments. We had settled on a terrace of a restaurant with nicely decorated tables, a yellow tablecloth and matching napkins. We asked the waiter for the menu card and ordered a good traditional dish with a good wine typical of Greece. In the evening, the central square was illuminated, many people had walked. The paths, there were a lot of trees, it was too beautiful, everything was in colorful. We had bought postcards as souvenirs.


Text 2 

Our trip to Lindos.

To go to the village Lindos, we had to take the bus :

The trip lasted an hour and a quarter. When we arrived, I was disappointed because I felt like I had arrived at the Mont Saint-Michel, so many tourists !
Fortunately, we arrived quite early in the morning! And fortunately also, we took the bus because it is impossible to park!
We immediately went on foot to the Acropolis; others were riding on donkeys!

By foot, it lasted 10 minutes. It was not difficult.
As soon as we entered this archaeological site, we saw the relief of a warship carved into the rock. At the first level we could see a Byzantine Church. And at the top of the steps, we discovered the temple of Athena.

Yonder, we felt a great serenity between the old columns, and the old stones. The panorama was incredible : we could see the white flat roofed houses of the village, the beautiful beaches and the magnificent bay of St Paul.

With regret, we went down again to the village. We walked slowly through the narrow streets of Lindos. We get lost, but we did’t worry : somebody explained us that it’s normal, because the houses and the streets were built in order to lose the pirates who ventured there. We also admired the great captains houses with their amazing huge wooden doors and emblems just above. There are many small souvenir shops in the alleys, we bought some souvenirs for our families.

At twelve, we chose a tavern which seemed welcoming. We settled on the rooftop terrace and we tasted specialties, squid, octopus and souvlaki. We had a great time.

The weather was very hot, so we decided in the afternoon to go to swim on one of the beaches near the village. Fortunately, we had thought to bring our swimsuits.

It was a 10 minute walk. And when we arrived, we discovered a white sand beach with crystal clear waters. There were sun loungers, parasols and a beach bar.

At five PM, it was time to return to the hotel, in Rhodes.

We will never forget this wonderful trip !