Lionel’s House


Lesson Attachments

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.50″]Welcome to my house.

he length is twenty-one metres and the width is nine metres. The size of the house is one hundred ninety-eight square metres.

This is the front door and this is the hallway. This is my office. There is a desk and an office chair. This is my computer.

Here is the open plan kitchen and dining room. There is a dining table with six chairs. You can go to the toilet here. Here are two bedrooms. They are empty and here is the bathroom.

This is my living room. Here are shelves and here is the dining table with 8 chairs. Here is the sofa and the coffee table. This is my television and here is the armchair. This is the lamp.

This is the bedroom. This is my bed with my bedside table. Here are two dressers. This is another sofa and a second television. Here is a carpet. My bedroom has an en-suite bathroom.

My house has a courtyard. In the courtyard is my swimming pool. The length of the pool is 6 metres and the width of the pool is 3 meters. The pool is 2 metres deep, the depth is 2 metres.  The size of the swimming pool is 18 square metres and the volume of the pool is 36 cubic metres.[/sayit]4