Meeting 29.03.2019


Lesson Attachments

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.75″]Route Planning Guidelines.

Planning must be complete by April 12, 2019.
The airports closest to Brida are Perpignan or Barcelona.
What may you have to consider when planning the route?
Consider the price differences between direct flights and flights with stopovers.
Consider arrival and departure times as well as transfer times.
If changing planes, consider luggage.
Consider minimum and maximum hand luggage requirements.[/sayit]

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.75″]Approximate costs

Car Hire in France : €600
Paris to Mumbai : 1525€
Mumbai to San Jose : 2820€
San Jose to Bora-Bora : 5060€
Bora-Bora to Barcelona : 11,409.99€
Total cost : 21414€

Vincent’s expert calculation:
Remaining budget 28,586€

Price of cocktail on Bora-Bora = 10€
Amount of cocktails available = 2858
Cost of accommodation on Bora-Bora = 3000€ to 5000€.

Remaining Budget                                            28, 586€
Accommodation on Bora-Bora                     5.000€
New Remaining Budget                                 23. 586€
Conversion to cocktails                                   2358[/sayit]