Read and Listen – Oska Town Dog Festival


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[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.55″]This festival is in honour of the Mayor’s dog, Oska. Oska is a beautiful, one year old, white Labrador. She is very kind and always obeys.

The festival is quite important. It is an event for dogs and there are many different events throughout Oska Town. It is a dog show to celebrate the most beautiful and obedient dog. Its reputation is as being one of the most prestigious dog events in France. All the hotels are fully booked and the event is very important for the local economy. It attracts around 20,000 people.

It traditionally starts on the second Friday in April and finishes the following Sunday. The attraction of the dog show is for people to discover different breeds of dogs and learn more about them. There are also different dog competitions. There are also exhibitions about the latest equipment for dogs.

The other attraction is the excellent culinary food scene in Oska Town. Macarons, Quiches, Patés and many other specialities are there to be eaten.

The grand opening is on the Friday evening. On Saturday, people can witness the obedience tournaments and on Sunday, after the award ceremony, are the fireworks and a light show.

There are many activities for everybody throughout the weekend. There is a music parade, book stands, a dog fashion show, dog training shows, lectures and presentations about dog psychology, dog nutrition and plenty of stands selling dog toys.

The Mayor of Oska Town always gives a speech at the opening ceremony, thanking everybody for coming, that he is happy to see so many people visit Oska Town. He thanks all the volunteers for their hard work to make the show possible. Usually, he also includes a little history of Oska Town and then introduces the tombola and encourages people to buy many tickets as the proceeds are in aid of Oska Town’s local dog charity.[/sayit]

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.55″]This is a rather beautiful dog with a medal and a trophy at the award ceremony. Unfortunately, this dog is not Oska. The dog is laying next to the trophy and smiling while the people are busy taking pictures.

The award ceremony is on Sunday evening. There is a podium for the winner and the two runners up. The owners are presented with the awards by the Mayor and the Oska Town Dog Association.

Oska was a little disappointed because she didn’t win the competition but hopes to do better next year.[/sayit]

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.55″]Dogs pay homage to Oska at the parade, which takes place at the beginning of the festival. Oska leads the parade and is followed by the VIDs (Very Important Dogs) and who often are Oska’s ancestors and past competition winners.

The parade is organised by the “Friends of Oska Association” and lasts about 30 minutes. Oska is very excited by this parade and she likes to be admired by so many people.

On the right are the organisers of the show, including the Mayor. The event takes place in the Community Hall. It is one of the highlights of the Friday evening and tickets, which cost €8, are quickly sold out.[/sayit]

[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.55″]On Saturdays, the dogs enjoy participating at various events. The jury at this obstacle course is made up of 5 members.

The dogs have to each pass through a tunnel, cross a bridge. They have to climb a roof and go down on the other side and they have to jump over barriers.

This is also a competition. The prizes for the winning dogs are special dog toys and dog food. It’s a popular event at the festival and the spectators enjoy seeing the dog’s agility and seeing the dogs master the course.[/sayit]

[sayit block=”1 “speed=”1”]Perhaps a more curious side of the Oska Dog Festival is the Fashion Show. This is Oska’s older brother wearing a woolly hat. It’s the latest fashion in the dog world.

Many people would say that it is a little ridiculous as ears are important for a dog. If they are covered, the dog will be unable to hear what is going on and react accordingly.

Everybody had a great time and are looking forward to next year’s festival. We hope to see you there.[/sayit]