05.12.19 What do you want to do?


Lesson Attachments

I want to go shopping.

I want to go to a restaurant.

I want to book my fight to Dubai.

I want to sit in a Café and read an article.

  1. He will drive his car to Wissembourg.
  2. Wissembourg is too far to walk from Seebach.
  3. When he gets to (arrives in) Wissembourg, he will park his car near the Carrefour Supermarket.
  4. Jacques is a hairdresser / barber.
  5. They have known each other for a very long time.
  6. i can recommend the Pont M and Au Cygne.
  7. She is a waitress.
  8. She automatically brings them two beers and the menu card.
  9. She recommended the charcuterie with salad and the mushroom soup.
  10. The mushrooms were picked by the Chef himself.
  11. They ate veal.
  12. French fries are long and thin, chips are short and fat.
  13. They did not have any dessert.
  14. An espresso is black, strong, bitter and drunk in small cups.
  15. Sparkling water has bubbles and still water does not have bubbles.
  16. Each person paid 12€.
  17. I, (Annie), recommend the Restaurant “L’etoile” and an expensive restaurant, the “Baechelbronn”.
  18. Their speciality this week is vension / deer.
  19. I think about 25€ per person, excluding wine.
  20. I ate there two months ago.

I like it here, I want to find a new home.