Pronunciation – Accommodation


Lesson Attachments

Click on the sentence to listen and then repeat the sentence

[sayit]Can you recommend me[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you recommend me a youth hostel ?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you recommend me a camping site ?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you recommend me a hotel ?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you recommend me a family hotel?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you recommend me a bed and breakfast?[/sayit]
[sayit]Which is close by?[/sayit]
[sayit]How do I get there?[/sayit]

Arriving at a hotel with or without a reservation.

[sayit]I have a reservation[/sayit]
[sayit]My name is[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room for this evening?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room for two nights?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room for one week?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room with a bathroom, toilet,shower?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a room with air conditioning?[/sayit]
[sayit]How much is that per night / for the week?[/sayit]
[sayit]Does the price include breakfast / taxes (VAT)[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have any discounts?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I see the room?[/sayit]
[sayit]I would like something better[/sayit]
[sayit]I would like something less expensive[/sayit]
[sayit]I would like something quieter[/sayit]
[sayit]I would like something bigger[/sayit]
[sayit]I’ll take it[/sayit]
[sayit]No, I won’t take it.[/sayit]

[sayit]Do you have a lift?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have wifi?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a computer?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a swimming pool?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a fitness room?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have room service?[/sayit]

Staying at the hotel

[sayit]Where is the lift?[/sayit]
[sayit]Where is the bar?[/sayit]
[sayit]Where are the toilets?[/sayit]

[sayit]Can you give me a new key-card, please?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you give me an envelope, please?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have an iron?[/sayit]

[sayit]Can I have an extra pillow, please?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I have some toilet paper, please[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I have some soap, please?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I have another towel, please?[/sayit]

Problems and typical situations

[sayit]Do you have an adapter for a ….?[/sayit]
[sayit]How do I switch on the lights?[/sayit]
[sayit]I have lost my key / key card![/sayit]

[sayit]Can you fix the heating?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you fix the lights?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you fix the television?[/sayit]

[sayit]Can you fix the toilets?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can you fix the air-conditioning? [/sayit]

[sayit]Can I have a wake-up call for 6am?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I put these in a safe?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have any messages for me?[/sayit]
[sayit]Do you have a laundry service?[/sayit]

Checking out, departing

[sayit]Can I have the bill please?[/sayit]
[sayit]When do I need to leave the room by?[/sayit]
[sayit]Can I leave my luggage here until 2pm?[/sayit]
[sayit]I think there is a mistake.[/sayit]
[sayit]I’ll pay in cash.[/sayit]
[sayit]I’ll pay by credit card.[/sayit]