Welcome to Lioville


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[sayit block=”1″ speed=”0.50″]Welcome to Lioville. The postcode is 88 100. Lioville has a population of 999 people.

My house is on 5 rue des Saules. The Town Hall is on 20 Rhine Street. The telephone number is 03, 29, 56, 10, 32  and the email address is townhall@lioville.fr.

We have a restaurant in Lioville. It is the Bonne Bouf. The telephone number is 03, 29, 56, 50, 13 and the email address is bonnebouf@lioville.fr. The address of the Bonne Bouf is 25 Rhine Street.

The hotel in Lioville is the F1 Hotel.  It is a 1 Star Hotel. The address of the hotel is 32 Herb Street. The hotel has 22 rooms. The price of a single room is 70€ and the price of a double room is 90€.  The prices include breakfast.  You can phone the hotel on 03, 29, 56, 47, 20  or you can write an email. The email address is hotel@lioville.fr.

I work in the company Poluplus. It is my company. I am the boss. Ten people work in my company, 5 men and 5 women. Our address is 46 Rue des Saules. The telephone number is 03, 29, 56, 11, 20  and our email address is poluplus@poluplus.uk[/sayit]