Brida Supermarket 08/22

Our Special Offers This Week Toiletries Moisturising shower gel 450 ml €0.75 Mint flavoured mouthwash500 ml, €2.45 Cold & Flu lemon sachets10 per pack €3.50 Men’s face moisturiser, no alcohol75 ml, €3.25 Deeply nourishing body wash750 ml, €2.80 Shaving foam, sensitive skin200 ml, €1.25 Gentle whitening toothpaste75 ml, €1.65 Sensitive skin shower gel450 ml, €2.00 […]

Brida Supermarket 07/22

Our Special Offers this week. Everyday savers Broccoli500 g €0.46 Breakfast Tea teabags80 per pack, €3.00 Carrots1 kg. €0.88 Two salmon fillets, skin on.240 g €3.50 Smoked bacon rashers300 g €1.80 Beef mincemeat500 g €3.25 3-5 Chicken breast fillets650 g €3.35 Fairtrade bananas5 per pack, €0.69 Cauliflower€0.85 Basmati Rice1 kg €1.00 CucumberPiece, €0.75 Large free-range […]

Brida Supermarket 04/2022

Our Special Offers this week. Veganuary Ready Meals Butternut Thai curry dinner box400 g €3.00 Cauliflower popcorn225g €3.50 Mushroom and spinach vegan rolls160 g €2.85 Cauliflower Tikka Dinner Box400g €3.20 Cherry tomato and pesto focaccia200 gr €2.70 Vegan chocolate and vanilla cheesecake2 x 90 gr €3.60 Tofu chicken pie with leek270 g €4.00 Mushroom, tomato, […]

Brida Supermarket 03/2022

Our Special Offers this week. January Top Offers Organic Extra Firm Tofu300 g €1.85 Tuna Chunks in Spring Water4 x 145g, €5.50 Wholetail Scampi, frozen230 gr. €3.50 Melting Chocolate Desserts2 x 100 g €2.47 Plant-based no-meat burgers225g €3.00 Thai sweet chilli sauce380 g €3.50 Oat Drink, Extra long life1 l €1.65 Mini cheddar cheeses12 per […]

Brida Supermarket Week 02/2022

Our Special Offers This Week Our Winter Sales   Fleece Throw, Silver140 x 180 cm €12.00 100% cotton face clothsvarious colours 2 per pack, €2.50 Mixing bowl, 30 cmVarious colours € 14.00 Champagne Glasses4 per pack €25.00 anti-ageing night face cream50 ml, €7.00 Wooden kitchen utensilsSet of 3 €12.00 Precision clean toothbrush heads8 per pack, […]