Stage 11: Lyon.

Ah, you must set foot in one of the largest renaissance old quarters in Europe. Welcome to “Vieux Lyon”. At the end of the middle ages, Lyon had a thriving silk industry. During the 16th century, there were around 180 000 looms in Lyon! Merchant families from all over Europe settled here. These wealthy merchants built […]

Stage 10: Clermont Ferrand

On your way to Clermont Ferrand, do stop off in Sarran to look at the museum. On display are different items given to the former French President, Jacques Chirac. His wife, Bernadette, was the Mayor of this village, hence the museum in such a small hamlet.  The whole region of the Auvergne is known for outdoor activities, […]

Stage 9: Poitiers

We have left Charente-Maritime and La Rochelle and are now 137km further east in the city of Poitiers in the region of Aquitaine. The town was founded by the Pictones, a Celtic tribe. It was an Oppidom (a Celtic fortification). When the Romans arrived, the town was renamed Pictavium, which eventually became Pictavis and is […]

Stage 8: Charente Maritime 3

Before we leave Charente Maritime, it is worth stopping to explore the Il de Ré. To get a bird’s eye view of the whole island, why not climb up the lighthouse, “Le Phare des Baleines”.  Probably the nicest way to get around the island at a leisurely pace is to rent a bicycle.  And on […]

Stage 8: Charente-Maritime 2

We start our leg of this tour in Saintes, a very old town. It dates back to Roman times. I suggest you first visit the Gallo Roman amphitheatre built around 40-50 BC. It was a big amphitheatre with a capacity of 15000 spectators. Let the spirit of the theatre embrace you by sitting on a […]