Go on, you deserve this!

Sandra and Werner have just the thing for you! Imagine it’s a beautiful spring day, you feel full of energy and optimism. The anticipation of the adventure ahead is pure temptation. You and your partner are going on a picnic. A little “us” time. Enjoy each other’s company in a private part of your world, […]

When will be the end well?

Saif, in Pakistan, recounts an experience and asks some questions. One day, in mid-December, Abdul Rehman’s friend, Habeeb, was talking about assets and earning money. He showed him a video of his brother-in-law’s luxurious house. It was as well-furnished and beautified as one can imagine. Abdul Rehman thought it was an ideal house, similar to […]

Stories and Impressions

Michèle read a book about a courageous woman. This week, I read a recent book from Laetitia Colombani, entitled « Les Victorieuses ». It speaks about a woman who is a lawyer and who, after a burnout, will become a volunteer in a reception centre for women in difficulties and find again meaning in her life there. […]

Have Ubuntu and be Hakuna Matata!

Monica, in Dublin, is an artist. This story started sometime in July or August., when I saw the following advertisement in a Dublin listing:  “We launched a new product: Fancy Balloon Dresses. It is suitable for all occasions: parties, weddings, hen parties, birthdays, big events, grand openings, celebrations, proms, fashion, shop windows, launching products. Balloon […]

Strangers in the Night

Julia, from Mannheim in Germany, took a train and learned a lesson. I think that every person who travels the world has at some point found himself in an unfamiliar, perhaps even threatening situation. For me, this situation arose two years ago in a sleeping car compartment in Kazakhstan. We were racing from Astana through […]