So, let’s imagine you are on the road.

In a strange town.

In a strange hotel.

It’s in the evening, your throat is dry, you could do with a drink.

Let’s check out the bar.

The lights are dim, there is soft jazzy piano music in the background. It’s still a little early and not much happening.

You walk up to the counter and take a seat. The barman, he’s been around a while, knows the game looks over in a relaxed manner,

“What can I get you?”,

You order a beer, a whisky, something to wash away the pressures of the day.

It’s been a long one. Not particularly pleasant, just the same old crap, another day.

And you ask yourself why you do it.

Another person walks in, comes up to the counter. Sits on the bar stool next to you.

He orders a drink.

Both of you stare into the emptiness that is in front of your eyes.

Not much to say really.

Just another poor sod like yourself, just the same old crap, another day.

Your glass is empty, you order another round.

“Wanna another one?”, you mumble to the chap next to you.

Just at the moment, the third ambles in. He’s feeling a little better. Been a good day.

He sits down on the bar stool next to you.

“How you guys doin?”

The positivity could be irritating. Could be…too early to tell.

He orders a coke.
A coke!

And then the fourth guy walks in.

Now there are four of you sitting at the bar.

Are you just going to stare into your glasses?

Or are you going to strike up a conversation?

Have a nice evening.