About the Brida Business School

  • Do I need to present or tell something in front of unknown people?
  • Do I want to increase my self-confidence in public speaking?
  • Do I want to improve by having to improvise?
  • Do I want to compare my soft skills with other people?

The Brida Business School is an imaginary school that helps people communicate with each other in a project-like environment. The director of the school is Professor Carl Marcs.

The European Guest Lecture Series.

Every three or six months, the school invites people from the business world to give a career-related presentation in English to the students at the school. The topics are largely left to the imagination of the presenters but must generally inform and motivate the students about the realities of working life. Professor Carl Marcs is supported by an able team of three (imaginary) people who have (real) email addresses and are actively involved in organising the events.  Your task is to prepare the presentation in a team. The lectures will actually be given. All participating companies are invited to attend the Lecture Day. All members of the audience take on the role of “students”.  Although the environment is fictional, in reality, it is about effective, efficient communication. But it is also about using soft skills in English. You can buy Monica’s book, “The Company of Misfits” on Amazon.

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When you have “done it” and receive a positive response.

When you are asked to answer questions that result from curiosity or interest. 

Note, you should allow 6 to 9 months for this simulation when meeting weekly