About the Brida Library

What do you want to do?

  • Do I need to prepare for simple everyday situations?
  • Do I just want to speak informally in English?

How does it work?

In the Brida Library you will find short simulations based on everyday events but with a special twist. The Brida Library is divided into several sections. An exercise is assigned to a specific area.
The two largest areas are “Brida Classifieds” and “Brida Job Centre”.  We design these exercises as short stories. By following the clearly defined instructions, you can significantly shape the dialogue. The roles you slip into are very communicative and leave enough room to react as you wish. Dealing with a reaction is also part of the training process: when people from different backgrounds participate in a task, they learn to deal with cultural differences.

When am I successful?

  • When you feel well-prepared and more confident.
  • When there is a lively, casual exchange among newly acquired
    acquaintances or friends.

I am interested