Introducing Brida

What is Brida?

Brida is an imaginary town that was founded in 2015 as part of an English training programme. Since then, “the town” has continued to develop. It has a complete infrastructure. There is even a map of the town. In 2017, the Brida History Association decided that Brida is located near the French-Spanish border on the Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometres from Perpignan.
The purpose of Brida is to provide a fictional learning world where participants can improve their English communication skills. We emphasize “communication” and not “language”.
We combine everyday reality with the fictional world of Brida. The result is task-based learning, where participants can improve their communication in English under the guidance of a

Why is Brida different?

  • Brida is for adults whose first language is not English.
  • These people want to maintain or develop their existing communication skills.
  • Therefore, Brida is less suitable for beginners.
  • The primary role of the trainer is to facilitate, stimulate, ask, motivate.
  • Learning in Brida means learning from each other. Participants working in Brida, learn
    from each other’s reactions and through the facilitator’s suggestions.
  • Consequently, peer learning encourages people to express themselves more effectively in
    a foreign language, which leads to faster results.
  • We concentrate on people, situations and how to communicate in these situations.
  • Traditional learning of a foreign language is not our focus.
  • The Brida Project accelerates confidence in using English as a second language. 

What does Brida offer?

There are currently five learning spaces in Brida. You choose and combine these spaces according to your individual learning needs, giving you the stimulating opportunity to communicate with like-minded people around the world. You are never alone in the lively practice of mutual, practice-related exchange in English because we accompany and moderate each activity pedagogically. Brida is not a standard further education programme. Far from “cramming and swotting” a language, it enables “learning” in a flexible and global environment with task-based practice. You and your other participants work within Brida. This means you can “live and work” in the Brida world and then learn from each other. Frank Peters is your facilitator and mentor for your individual goals.

How does Brida work?

Who manages Brida?

Frank Peters, born in 1961, has been an English communication trainer for over  27 years. As the owner of a language school in Mannheim, Germany, he has supported the management of several companies, including Daimler-Chrysler, Bombardier Transportation and Walmart Germany. He has been working on the Brida project since 2015.

Mary, his wife, works in the administration at Windlesham House School, one of England’s leading public schools. They both live in France and England.

Meet Frank

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