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Improvement starts with
co-operation and communication.

With Brida,
you can improve your English
to co-operate and communicate better.

Get to know Brida. You can start improving your English by subscribing to the Brida Journal. The Journal created by people like you: learners of English. It is published every Sunday and is free.

Now is the time to come to Brida. Find out why: Introducing Brida

Brida is different: Here is how.

Ask not what you can learn from others.
Ask what others can learn from you.

Social learning is the basis of co-operation & communication. Brida offers you five development areas for you to share your skills and knowledge. As a result, everybody learns IN English, not just English. And everyone speaks the same language.

The Brida Journal

The Brida Library

The Brida Business School

The Brida Chamber of Commerce

The Brida Café

Meet Frank, the founder of the Brida Project.

Discover how good your English skills are.

Do an online exercise to discover your level of English. Receive your result immediately. The test is free and anonymous.  (Warning: you need a maximum of 45 minutes)

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Buy the Brida Journal Workbook. Read & Listen to the texts, do practical and interactive exercises. Receive feedback from Frank.

We look forward to seeing you in Brida.

Let’s make the world a better place.
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Brida is a learning environment managed by

Frank Peters

3 rue des Vignes
67160 Cleebourg

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