Text read by Mary Peters

Niki, from Azerbaijan met our bear “Tommy”. She tells what happened.

I want to tell you the truth about Tommy’s life. He had a very long conversation with me before leaving his family in Brida.

I started my journey from very distant lands. I always wanted to visit wise people and not look at life only through the small windows of my room. So, I packed my bags and left my homeland.

I travelled to the light to reach my dreamland. I found myself in a country in East Asia. There I was greeted by a kind, hard-working and intelligent friend. I learned a lot about life from him. His books became my best friend and his thoughts showed me the right path. To be honest, I forgot all the tiredness of my soul in his house. He knew that I would continue my journey and leave his land soon, so he showed me another land and promised not to leave me alone as much as he could. I crossed rivers, mountains, forests and reached a land called Brida.

The people of Brida were very different from the people of other lands. Most of them were people who came from other places and lived there. Different languages, different customs, but they were all honest and friendly. Most interestingly, they spoke the same language they had learned there. Everyone respected each other’s opinions. Religion, language, wealth, skin colour could not separate people. I fell in love with this city and decided to stay.

There, a friend who had made the city, welcomed me into his home and a new life began for me with that family. I learned more every day than the day before. We had a café there where we could easily talk about our problems, our joys and our nostalgia.

Honestly, I learned to socialize there and realized that no boundaries and walls can separate human beings If humans themselves love to be together I learned humanity there from the founder of that city.

Each of us can be the same bear. He lived in Brida for a while, and then the events of his life took him away from there. This bear can have different names in different places, but one thing is certain. He cannot move alone to be happy, to be useful, a lonely and isolated person cannot be happy for a long time. Those who make us happy can be our friends, our partner, our parents. The farther we go from our homes, the more we need friendship, empathy with others.

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