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Kayvan tells about climbing Iran’s highest mountain.

For mountaineers, climbing Damavand is something to aspire to. With a height of 5671 meters, it is the highest mountain in Iran. Planning a trip requires a few tips and factors. What to plan, the price of the programme and other aspects of the programme.  

 First of all, it is necessary to know what routes there are to get to the Damavand summit. There are eleven routes in Damavand, and four routes are normally used.

Also, to go to the top, people should stay together. If one person is weak, he should go to the top of four thousand meters at least two or three weeks before going climbing to the summit of Damavand and sleep there. This makes the day of the ascent of Damavand above 5000 meters easier for him.

Visiting the Damavand Peak is a four-day trip. Travelling from Tehran to the city of Damavand on the first day takes about 4 hours. From there we head to the shelter of Damavand Peak. This takes 7 hours. After reaching the shelter we rest and spend the night there and the next day we head to the summit. It takes about 10 to 12 hours to get from the shelter to the summit and back. Back from the summit to the shelter, we spend the night there, rest and eat nutritious food to restore lost energy. The next day, after breakfast, we head to the town of Damavand and from there we drive back to Tehran.

The cost of a four-day round trip from Tehran to Damavand Peak totals about $40 – $45. This includes four breakfasts, energy meals such as chocolate and snacks, as well as the cost of the round trip by car from Tehran to the city of Damavand and from there to the summit and back.

Due to the location of Damavand summit, at an altitude of 5671 meters, the use of proper heating equipment is essential. In short, the accessories needed for heavy mountaineering, such as Damavand Peak, are warm clothing, jackets, trousers, adapted to mountaineering boots, depending on the season, hat, glasses, sunscreen. It is necessary to have extra clothes on this expedition.

In such expeditions, climate awareness is very important in order not to have problems with bad weather.

Besides having a GPS compass and a route map, having experienced people who have already climbed the mountain is essential. Knowing the emergency telephone numbers can also help in case of need.

But, if you are with an experienced guide like me, it is an unforgettable experience.

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