Text read by Mary Peters

Tommy returns for one last time.

On Bernard’s advice, Tommy returned to Seebach. He still wanted to visit the “Chemin des Cimes” in Drachenbronn.

Drachenbronn used to be a military base at a strategic point near to German border. All the installations were underground. The French military could control the sky over Russia. The Base 901 Drachenbronn was closed in 2018.

The regional authorities inherited a big project; to build a tourist attraction in Cleebourg-Drachenbronn. Now open for two months, there is a forest path named “Chemin des Cimes”. It will open up the heart of the regional park Vosges du Nord and offer a panoramic 360° view. It is a path of 1000 m and leading to an observation tower.  To return, you can walk back or go down a long slide. 

A German Company, EAK (Elebnis Akademie), financed the tower that cost 5.5m€ to build. The site is accessible by a path or a shuttle.

From the top of the tower, you have a unique view of the Rhine Plain, the Black Forest and Vosges du Nord.

Tickets cost 15€ per adult, 12€ for children up to 16 years. A family of four have to pay 35€. Children under 6 are free.

Bernard and Monique took Tommy through the forest to cross the WW2 tank pit to see the progress of the work. Tommy was impressed with/by the tower and the trail. Snacks and souvenirs are available at the kiosk by the entrance.  

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