We are a children’s summer day camp looking for art teachers. Our campers work with a wide variety of mediums ranging from ceramics (16 wheels), painting, jewellery making to sewing/fashion designs, scrapbooking, sewing, metalworking and glass etching.

We are also looking for a teacher with sewing/fashion design experience.

Art areas include:
– 4 – Arts and Crafts Programs (each works with a different age range)
– 2 – Jewellery / Lanyard Programs
– 3 – Ceramics Programs (hand building and 16 wheels)

Our ceramic facility has indoor and outdoor teaching spaces, 4 modern kilns, 16 wheels, and plenty of storage space. The building was designed to be a ceramics building.

Our art facility consists of four large recently constructed buildings. They have been designed to be art buildings. Each building has four covered decks. Each deck is open to the sights and sounds of the camp. Each deck has a large U-shaped table with plenty of room for children. Each art deck also has separate sinks, water fountains, bathrooms, and plenty of extra counter space for the specialist to work and plan. The inside of each art building has 4m ceilings, baker’s racks for project storage and art supply storage, extra attic space and plenty of room to house everything needed for our specialists to really do something special in their art areas.

We have an art coordinator who is a full-time staff member. They research art projects throughout the year so the projects and supplies are already set for our specialists. Each art program has a set curriculum. Although we always welcome your ideas you will not have to worry about flipping through catalogues and trying to figure out how much to order. We will take care of that for you. How you teach each project is up to you. The art coordinator is there for you all summer to help when needed and to make sure you have everything you need.

Every art program has an assistant to help you run your program. They stay with you all summer long.

We also hire international teachers from such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Holland, Finland, England, and others.

Camp Dates: June 29th to August 21st (39 Total Camp days)
Monday to Friday – The camp days runs from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

We have worked hard to create a facility and staff-working environment that is enjoyable, creative, positive, and perfect for the summer. You will enjoy coming to work each day. We are looking for people who see spending a summer at camp as something they “get to do”, not “have to do”.

We welcome any questions you may have, please, call or e-mail us with them.

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