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My name is Maxime, I am 18 years old, I live in the Alsace in France.

I want to become an engineer to help make a better world or improve some systems. I want to learn about complex systems because I am curious about mechanical systems. Mathematics, physics, and complex systems fascinate and interest me. At school, I learn well, and I did some projects. For example, I am making a V8 engine, and I create it on my computer using a 3D CAD programme. I learn by doing. In the beginning, I did not have any experience with Fusion. I used all the basic functionalities. I also learned from some videos on YouTube. I became more confident using some complex functionalities because I learnt from the software. I learnt to simulate the system and make a technical drawing with Fusion. Making this engine is my hobby in my free time.

After school, I will go to La Rochelle to study Mechatronics. This is a combination of mechanical and electronic engineering. For me, this university is the best with this combination. My goal is to work in the aerospace or in the automotive industry. I’m fascinated by engineering because I’m curious. I want to learn about complex systems. The task of an engineer is to solve some problems. The engineer’s role is to solve, in the best way, any technical issues in a factory. 

In the modern world, you cannot live without engineering. Everybody lives with some systems created by engineers. Something simple as a table. A person designed the table. It is manufactured, then it is transported to a shop. You use the table every day. But without an engineer, you would not have this table. We cannot live in the past. Because Engineering developed our society, computers and all the systems.

And without these systems, the world cannot function. So engineering is the future.

Another example of engineering in the future is the car. 

The electric car is powered by electricity generated by nuclear reactors that are bad for the environment. 

The real problem is the storage of nuclear waste. One solution here is EPR. EPR uses nuclear waste by reassembling the atom to create energy. It produces, on average, 10 to 12 times more power than a nuclear reactor. This technology is in development. 

The second solution is to treat nuclear waste correctly. The French government does not have the budget for this. 

In my opinion, one solution for cars is hydrogen. It is the most abundant element on the planet. 

It comes from water through electrolysis. This process is a splitting of two molecules: oxygen and dihydrogen. Dihydrogen is then stored in tanks with cryo-compression at 700 bars. 100L tanks have 4kg of dihydrogen, enough to travel 450km.

I expect this is the future because it is electricity not produced by nuclear reactors.


From Zacharia, Agadir, Morocco (Sent via WhatsApp)

This is interesting.
Well done Maxime and I wish you good luck.

In life, you cannot achieve goals unless you’ve made a good plan and have a strong will, and from your lines, I infer that you have all the requisites to fulfil your vision.

“In the modern world, you cannot live without engineering. Everybody lives with some systems created by engineers”

I like this one ☝🏼. It is a fact indeed. However, on the other hand, people have become mentally sluggish and physically lazy due to the excessive dependence on automated systems. 😁

Once again, I congratulate you for your determination.

Maxime’s Reply (Sent via WhatsApp)

I agree with you, but these automatic systems always need human verification and therefore qualified people.

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