Text read by Mary Peters

As the days grow shorter, it is time to get out the candles to create a warm and cosy atmosphere at home. Here are two tips that you may find useful.


When the candle has burnt down, waxy residue often remains in the pretty glasses. And unfortunately, they are stubborn. Do you want to throw them in the rubbish? No, don’t! There is an ingenious trick you can use to remove the candle remains from any jar in just a few minutes.

Did you resort to using a knife to remove wax residues? Save yourself this tedious work. Because there is a much easier and cleaner way. Simply place the candle in the sink or on a heat-resistant surface. Now fill the vessel with boiling water from the kettle. If you look closely, you may have noticed that the hot water makes the solid wax liquid again and causes it to rise to the surface.

When the vessel has cooled down completely, a kind of “wax film” forms on the surface. You can now remove this either with your fingers or a wooden stick. The candle remains can be removed, and the jar is clean. Without any great effort!

Why you should always put candles in the freezer.

At last! You don’t have to constantly replenish your candle supply! All you have to do is put the candles (e.g. tea lights, block or stick candles) in the freezer. Sounds crazy, but it works. This is because the flame feeds on the gaseous wax on the wick. The heat causes it to change from the solid to the liquid and finally to the gaseous phase. It takes much longer for cold wax to change into the gaseous phase. The candle, therefore, burns more slowly. You achieve the best result if you take the candle out of the freezer shortly before lighting it. 

But be careful! This method is not suitable for every candle. You might create a so-called fire hole when you take the candle out of the freezer and light it. The candle burns only in the middle and eats a hole in the wax – the edge remains standing. So, test it with a single candle first. One final tip: If you want to put scented candles in the freezer, put them in a well-sealed bag. Decorated candles are not suitable for this method. They could break apart.

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