Text read by Mary Peters

I am offering to keep your cat at my home while you are away. I have been doing this for a few years now.

At home, I have one 3-year-old dog, two twin cats, 6 years old and another one which is 2 years old. They are used to being in the company of all kinds of animals since they have been babies.

They are very calm and playful and go about their lives quietly. They get on with each other and with me. They are very protective.

When your pet arrives at the house, it will be placed on our table. It can observe our behaviour, that of its new friends and familiarise itself with our surroundings. Your pet will come down at its own pace and explore the flat without any stress. It will have access to everything in the apartment without any restrictions.

I am here to reassure them and to pamper them so that they feel good while you are away.

My husband, who is also an animal lover, will accompany me during their stay at home. We give them a lot of love. We are 32 and 36 years old, very calm, and gentle. The animals feel our energy when they need to be in a quiet place. We already have some regulars who come back several times a year.

The size of our flat is 70m² and we also have a large balcony. The animals do not have access to the balcony on their own or not at all. We live on the 2nd floor, which is reasonably high, but our cats are smart. Our rates are reasonable: 5 € per day / per cat (excluding food & litter). If I have to provide that, I will charge you 8 € per day and cat.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Phone Celine, 06.xx.84.96.12

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