What are some current conversation threads in Our Brida this week? Well, let me give you a brief overview of what we are all talking about.

We had another meeting with Julia from Mannheim and Nathalie and Cléa from Hunspach.  Nathalie and Cléa wanted to know about Julia’s trip to Kazakhstan a few years ago and her change from being an Engineer to going back to university to study psychology.

Julia explained why she went to Kazakhstan. Then she described her time with a Kazakh host family in a national park. She spent two days living with them under the same roof and sharing their lives. It was fascinating.

Julia had many questions about Nathalie and Cléa’s move to Seoul in the summer. We all agreed it was a good and interesting conversation.  

Maxime gave a presentation about Photovoltaic systems in his class in Haguenau a few weeks ago. We decided to rework it and share it with the community. But to be sure, Maxime posted a message asking if people were interested. Most people were. But what was also interesting was to learn some experiences people had with such a system. Maxime will release his reworked presentation in the Brida Journal on April 24.

Nathalie told me that her husband would be back in France for the Easter Break. You may know that he works for the EU in the Central African Republic. So, if you have any questions about his life and work there, you can post them in the appropriate thread.

The new Brida Chamber of Commerce also opened last week. The Brida Chamber of Commerce is a network that meets and collaborates to exchange information, give advice, share experiences, and develop ideas in all aspects of our work. We aim to improve both our English communication skills and our working environment. Sebastian and Levent joined. Both are Area Sales Managers but work in totally different fields and two countries: Germany and Turkey.

Six weeks after launching Our Brida, it is beginning to take shape and move in the right direction as everybody learns how it helps you improve communicating in English.

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