Text read by Mary Peters

The Brida History Association is seeking individuals and history organizations passionate about their local communities who may be interested in authoring My Community Through Time book. We also wish to publish any other form of appropriate local and regional history outside the series.

We pride ourselves on the use of colour in our books, but we are also willing to accept projects which are text-based or text with black and white photographs.

As well as publishing local and regional history, we are able to act as publishing advisers. If an organization wishes to self-publish, we can act as editorial and manufacturing consultants. We have vast experience in all phases of the publishing process, including design and book production.

We love hearing from potential authors, so if you are interested in contributing to our My Community Through Time series, please get in touch! Additionally, we accept unsolicited submissions in the subject areas of:

• Archaeology and Ancient History
• Aviation
• Biography
• Local History and Heritage
• Military and General History
• Sports
• Transport–Railroads, Streetcars, Canals & Maritime
• Social History

Please note that we will not consider new fiction or subjects which are outside our general scope of publishing.

Kindly email us with your book concept to discuss a formal book proposal. This is not a vanity book publishing organization. There is no cost to you for publication. Our titles are marketed and distributed throughout the European Union.

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