I just wanted to share with you the extraordinary evening I attended in Seoul: a “drones light show”.

I would have thought I was on another planet, or in another dimension, a science fiction movie!
1000 drones rose into the sky at nightfall, in a very orderly manner at first, then performing a kind of
ballet to create shapes and animations in the black sky. The noise of all these drones was covered by
music. Fortunately, my ear perceived, behind the music, like the sound of a swarm of bees.
And the drones changed colour. The result was spectacular! From time to time, we saw a drone fall,
out of service. Fortunately, the show took place above the river.

We saw the technicians working on the ground to coordinate all of this, without failure. They were
running, we could feel the stress. They had to ensure that the programming was correct but above all
the technology was not lacking.

This show was new to me, I was very impressed.

And I said to myself that this will certainly replace fireworks in the future…

Moreover, the same week, at the Asian Games open ceremony, I discovered the lighting of the digital
flame and a fictitious fireworks display on a giant screen.

Is this the time for a big change? What do you think about this?

Pictures and Videos courtesy of Nathalie H.

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