Text read by Mary Peters

Why you should never store eggs in the fridge door

Do you like to use the handy egg rack in your fridge door for your eggs? We reveal why experts say this is not a good idea at all.

Above all, those who love order appreciate the practical compartments in the fridge: the drawer for vegetables, the compartment for meat, the shelves on the side for sauces, juices and milk – and the perfectly prefabricated holder for raw eggs. Everything looks nice and tidy and is where it belongs.

This is why you should never store eggs in the fridge door.

In fact, according to experts, it is anything but advisable to sort freshly bought eggs into the little pre-made shelf in the fridge door. In fact, it is said to be one of the worst places to store eggs. Why?

The door area is the warmest place in the fridge – which is why it should be used primarily for storing cans and tinned food, which are less sensitive.  It is also the area that is cooled most unevenly. Therefore, it is advisable to put only foodstuffs in the refrigerator door that are either very insensitive or are consumed quickly. This is because cooling interruptions and an unreliable cooling temperature often occur here.

Raw eggs stay fresh for longer in the middle of the fridge. Although raw eggs are less sensitive than fresh meat, they need more careful refrigeration than tinned food and the like to avoid losing quality. After all, nobody wants rotten eggs! The ideal place to keep raw eggs fresh for several weeks is in the middle of the fridge.

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