I want to discuss global warming and the issues with industrialism because I have much to say. Contrary to some scientists’ views, I believe industrialism can be harmful due to our tendency to overexploit its capabilities. Typically, factories use new technologies to automate tasks. For example, tasks once performed by hand are now carried out by robots. Additionally, with AI’s expansion, some factories are incorporating it into their robots’ development. Thanks to this, factories can achieve more than before without increasing their workforce.

This overuse is dangerous for the planet due to the excessive CO2 emissions it causes. To give you an example, the largest factory in the world is the Boeing factory, located in Everett, Washington, USA. It was established in 1967 with a total area of approximately 399,480 m2, which was incredible at the time.

Unsurprisingly, China is a highly industrialized country. In China, the cost of production is low, unlike in France. Many people support Chinese businesses by ordering from Chinese websites, and numerous stores in France sell Chinese products. To help the planet, we need to use better types of factories. The best types of factories are those that avoid excessive production. Additionally, the most sustainable factories utilize renewable energy sources and limit their CO2 emissions.

In addition, some factories utilize renewable energy sources, which are more beneficial for the planet. In addition, some factories utilize renewable energy sources, which are more beneficial for the planet. Generally, factories can have a negative impact on the planet, but there is a growing interest in developing more sustainable models. For example, the search engine named Ecosia. Every time you use this search engine, you contribute to a reforestation program.

To protect our future generations and their planet, we need to change our approach to agriculture. Indeed, humans have exploited many resources, but the abuse is especially pronounced in agriculture. To address this, I believe that sustainable agriculture, utilizing organic methods, represents the future. The challenge lies in implementing sustainable practices, as I believe the traditional farming methods were superior to today’s modern techniques.

With the rise of technologies, the world of agriculture has evolved. Unfortunately, many farmers use pesticides to protect their crops, which can have detrimental effects on the environment. Additionally, cultivating plants requires a lot of water, a resource many countries desperately need. The ideal agricultural practice for the planet avoids pesticides, minimizes machine use or opts for machines powered by renewable energy, and reduces water consumption. Of course, achieving this is easier said than done. Additionally, there is the problem of excessive heat. It is dangerous for agriculture because each plant requires a specific climate. Some plants cannot thrive in conditions of excessive heat. Furthermore, warmer weather increases plants’ water needs, and we know that water is a finite resource. Indeed, global warming has made natural resources more precious, necessitating limitations on their use.

To improve agriculture, farmers need more support from the state. Indeed, farmers aren’t adequately supported by the state, which has significantly cut their financial support. If farmers received more help, they could invest in better, less polluting machines. Additionally, to protect the environment, farmers should abandon intensive agriculture practices due to their excessive resource consumption.

To conclude, I would like to discuss the problem of migration. Everyone is concerned about migration because it can happen to us. Indeed, one day a new war could begin and then we might have to flee our country. We would hope to be welcomed. Generally, migrants go to European countries because they are more accessible. Indeed, in Europe, one can often enter countries with fewer restrictions, though passports and visas are usually required. Migrants need to flee their country because staying could mean risking their lives.  Wars devastate everything, and many people have lost their homes, their cars, and everything they have built in their lives.

To finish, I would like to speak about the problem of migration. Everyone is concerned by migration because it can happen to us. Indeed, one day, a new war could begin and at this moment, we will have to flee our country. We will be happy to be welcomed.

Generally, migrants go to European countries because there are more accessible. Indeed, in Europe, we can enter in the territory without passport and visa. Families decide to flee the country for the sake of their children, who have their whole lives ahead of them.

If this happens to me, I think I would feel dead inside. You’re never prepared for this; losing everything, your entire life, and everything you have built is incredibly hard. Often, people are devastated yet they remain hopeful about the future. However, if it happens to me, I don’t know if I could maintain hope. Migrants feel safe in our country because we don’t have wars or political crises.  We have a chance to live in a country where people are free. Indeed, we live in a democracy where the people’s opinions are considered, albeit not always.

Personally, I agree with Ismar about migration because in France, many people live on the street, in bad conditions, and no one helps them. Each country has its problems, and before helping others, we need to help our population.  Of course, it is not the migrants’ fault; they just want to survive, but unfortunately, we cannot save everyone. If it were so easy, the world would be better.

After this long answer, I would like to ask you something. Do you think it’s too late to change things? Do you think the world is definitely destroyed?

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