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Pollinate your neighbourhood

How about creating a living classroom for your family and make an impact by helping to save the honeybee? You can create a living connection to the ecosystem and get closer to nature. And of course, there is honey for your family or to give to your friends.

What is it?

We at Brida Bees will provide you with a brand-new hive woodenware (you may decorate & paint), bees, and supply you with all the management for the bees. If your bees die, we will replace them with locally produced and adapted queens and bees. All harvesting and bottling are handled for you by our service.

How does it work?

The first step is an on site, site assessment to help you determine the best place in your garden for the bees and a discussion on our bees and processes. In March, we drop off the woodenware if you want to decorate your hives. Then, depending on the weather, the bees are installed in April. There is a monthly (or more as needed) site visit to check on the hive. We will schedule this in advance. You may take part in the inspections with veils and gloves provided by us to learn about the bees. We write a monthly report on hive status and email this to you after visits. We harvest throughout the year (dependent on the bee’s success) but usually twice a year. You may cancel or buy out the hive and its components and manage the process yourself at any time. The cost is 150 € per month, and we take care of everything.

What to do next?

Please contact Brida Bees with any questions or set up a call to discuss. You pay the first and last month’s deposit to reserve your hive for the spring, and we start billing begins the day the bees are delivered.

Our Philosophy?

We believe in an organic and bee centric approach to managing our hives. This involves a commitment to not using chemicals, using locally adapted bees when possible, leaving enough honey for the bees to get through the winter in their stores, and no artificial feeding unless it’s necessary to keep the hive alive.

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