Text read by Mary Peters

The exploding energy costs have not escaped our attention. They are in the news all the time. So, time to save money. Here are four tips that can help you reduce your bills. 

Keep your rooms at an ambient temperature. 

Do you usually switch off the heating when going away for the weekend, on holiday or just out for a few hours?  It seems logical. What is the point of heating a room if you don’t benefit from the warmth? But this is where costs start to increase. 

If you turn off the heating when you are away, the rooms will cool down. When you switch the heating on again upon your return (and then even to the highest level), the energy consumption is significantly higher. This is because the rooms first have to be brought back up to temperature. That costs a lot of money! And there is another reason why you should not switch off the heating completely when you are away: mould.

Are your radiators free of clutter? 

Do you have any decorations, furniture, pictures, or curtains near the radiator? To make the window front look really decorative, you want some decoration. After all, who likes to look at a radiator? But it is this kind of cluttering that can reduce the performance of your heating system. Furniture, curtains, and the like should always be placed far enough away from the radiator so that the warm air can circulate freely in the room. If the warm air cannot spread evenly, we start to feel colder. That can mean we set the heating higher than necessary. When the bill comes, we are surprised by the increased heating costs.

Do you turn the thermostat all the way up? 

When we come in from outside, we want it to be cosy and warm as quickly as possible and turn the heating up all the way. Not a good idea. You are not doing yourself and your bank account any favours. When you turn up the heating, you set the room temperature that the room should have at the end. The room does not heat up faster when the thermostat is set to 5.

Curtains can stop the heat from spreading in the room. 

Keeping the room warm, people often use insulating foil, seals, or curtains. Unfortunately, the latter is not as good as we always assume. The warm air from the heating system remains behind the curtains and cannot spread throughout the room. If you have installed a thermostat, you should also check that the curtains are not hanging over it. It could otherwise send the wrong signals.

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