Text read by Mary Peters

Kélya is a 12-year-old girl who comes to me for some private lessons during the school holidays. In October, we created these two delightful stories in her imaginary town, Kélyaville.

Halloween in Kélyaville.

Every year, Kélya and The Best friends, together with Mrs Maeva, organise the Halloween Party.

It is a fantastic party. The weather is warm, the atmosphere is fun. There are many large bonfires on the beach. There is always a big party on the beach.

This year, Frank’s ice cream shop has a new pumpkin flavour ice cream. Its colour is orange, and it is delicious. 

Everybody has to wear a Halloween costume. It is obligatory.

Noémi’s Clothes Shop sells all the Halloween Costumes. People wear clothes for witches, pumpkins, skeleton clothes, Harry Potter clothes and Wolf clothes.

This year, the best friends are wearing the following clothes.

Kélya wears a vampire costume with special teeth and fake blood.

Aude wears a Harry Potter costume.

Axelle wears a pumpkin costume.

Noémie wears a skeleton costume.

Maeva wears a vampire costume, also with special teeth and fake blood.

Frank wears a different costume. It is a coffee ice-cream costume.

All the children go trick or treating. The adults give them sweets and ice cream in many different flavours.

At the Chez Grandparents restaurant, you can eat Magic Couscous. When you eat the couscous, it always comes back to your plate. The recipe is a big secret, and only Kélya and the Grandparents know it. But the magic stops at midnight when the sweets arrive.

The Beach Party starts at 6 pm and finishes at 5 am. DJ David Guetta plays all the great music.

At 9 pm, everybody goes on a giant sweet hunt. Kélya hides all the sweets in the whole village. People still find Halloween bonbons later in the next year.

Exactly one minute after midnight, a large plane drops the bonbons on the sand. People dance around a mountain of sweets. All the children are happy. And the adults too. They like the bonbons even more than the children.

Then, Frank comes with more ice cream on a pumpkin carriage and gives all the ice cream to the people.

Some people go to the cinema and watch a marathon of horror films.

But one place is very different. At the Pretty’s Hotel, everything is normal. There is no magic. The hotel has no empty rooms.

The Kélyaville Christmas Market

This is the Christmas Market in Kélyaville. It starts on the 10th of December and finishes on the 25th of December. The Christmas market is located next to the Cleebourg River. Kélya’s & Maeva’s hut is next to Kélya’s house.

You can buy couscous at the Chez Grandparents Hut, and Frank has gingerbread flavoured ice cream. It is a new recipe! It is delicious.

It is winter, and it is cold. Many people visit the market because there are many Christmas huts this year. Mrs Maeva and Kélya are selling Christmas decorations in the first hut. 

This is another view of Kélya’s and Maeva’s Christmas Hut.

But who is on the roof? The first is Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer, in the middle is Mr I Don’t Know and on the right is Mr Teddy Bear. Rudolf lives in Kéylaville, he likes it here. He is retired, but he still loves the Christmas spirit.

Mr I Don’t Know is a mystery. He does not know where he lives. He does not know how old he is, and he does not know his name. What does Mr I Don’t Know, know? Well, he knows nothing.

Mr Teddy Bear is handsome. He lives in the North Pole, but he is on holiday in Kélyaville. He is staying at the Pretty’s Hotel.

Kélya and Maeva are selling these snowmen. They are wearing red scarves and red woolly hats. The first one has a carrot nose, the second and third have a shirt button nose. All the snowmen have arms made of wood. They are small.

The one on the left is wearing pinecones. The first is called Frank, the second is called Jacques, and the third is called Michèle.  You can buy Jacques and Frank for 20€ and Michèle for 15€. Michèle is smaller than Frank & Jacques.

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