I went to school in Markgröningen and then to a commercial secondary school in Ludwigsburg from 1966 to 1977. Lessons usually began at 7.40 am and finished at around 1 pm and in Ludwigsburg, we started at 8 am and went home around 4.30 pm.  Each lesson lasted 45 minutes.

In primary school, our class size was about 28 pupils and in Ludwigsburg, slightly less at 25 pupils.

The subjects in primary school were sports, maths, German, Religion, History, and Geography. Because the high school was a school specialising in economics, we had Macro & Microeconomics, English, Maths, Sports, German, History, Physics, Chemistry, and IT.

By and large, I can say that most of my teachers were good and that I learnt a lot. They were quite humane as well. But sometimes in primary school, there was a teacher who was not so good because he could not teach the pupils clearly and understandably. I was disinterested and then became demotivated.

We learned using paper, pens, and pencils. We had the schoolbooks prescribed by the Ministry of Education and of course, there were no computers. For IT, we had a book and learned the absolute basics, bits and bytes. The teacher had a blackboard and chalk, no beamer or anything like that, although some classes did have an overhead projector.

Whether school prepared me for the future is difficult to say. I learned a lot of theory at school and real-life was very different. I learned the basics of Maths and English. But we also had “Work Groups” we could sign up for to learn stenography or typing.

Probably my favourite teacher was Mr. Ziegler in my primary school. He taught sports and maths. He was “cool” because he understood our problems and we had a lot of fun in his classes. And, if the timetable in sports was only for one lesson, somehow, when we played football, it often lasted for 2 lessons.

I would not like to go back to school today. I am happy with my work and I enjoy my life now. School seems a little more stressful because there are more lessons. In my time, we had 4-5 lessons per day, now the children have 6-7 lessons. And in high school, the number of years has been reduced by 1 or 2 years.

Learning never stops. My experience is that I learn something new every day.

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