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Hello dear readers. I do hope you had a terrific Christmas break and a wonderful start to the new year. I certainly do look forward to sharing my household tips with you throughout the coming year. Today, I can share a glowing start with you. Enjoy!

Four things you can do with leftover candles at home.

I bet you have a lot of leftover candles at home right now, too. I do love candles, and there is no shortage of them in our house. No matter what season, I adore decorating rooms or terraces with candles. Their soft glow can make a space feel really romantic, sensuous, and very, very cosy.

Therefore, throwing candle leftovers away is no longer an option for us. I have four rather clever household tricks with leftover candles.

Use them to impregnate your shoes

Yes, you really did read that right! Old candle remnants are great for impregnating shoes. But be sure to choose a light-coloured or even colourless wax and test it first on an inconspicuous area of your fabric or imitation leather shoes. Now rub the waxy residue and a cloth over a large area of the shoe. Then, using a hairdryer, blow-dry your shoes so that the wax melts and is well absorbed. Finally, leave the shoes to dry overnight.

How about making your own fireplace lighter?

Another great idea for the winter: Why not make your own fireplace lighter? Not only will it make your fire start faster, but it will also make your whole house smell absolutely wonderful. It’s especially easy if you dip a pine cone in wax.

When I want to create that really special atmosphere, I sometimes add a little essential cinnamon oil. We snuggle up and enjoy a delicious wintry scent. And don’t those little pine cones, covered with wax also look like snow-covered fir trees? So divine, I think.

Get practical by repairing zips.

Oh dear, is the zip stuck again? No problem! Candle remnants can help even here. If you rub a stuck zip with a candle stub, it should open and close again without any problems. Be sure to try it out before having the zip changed.

Get ready for the future by decorating easter eggs with leftover wax

After the holidays is before the holidays! So, it’s all the better that leftover wax also does more than a good job when decorating Easter eggs. Before you dye the Easter eggs, paint some pretty patterns on the eggs with a thin brush and melted wax. Where the Easter eggs are covered with wax, it will block the colour. The result is a great look.

There you are! Four wonderful ways to use leftover candles and, four terrific excuses to go out and buy more candles. You can never have enough.

Be in touch.

Love, Iris xx

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