Text read by Mary Peters

I am offering the ultimate Russian hookah package for sale. Only smoked it once with premium shisha and then deep cleaned it (the proper way with baking soda and white vinegar). It’s as clean as a whistle and in absolutely perfect, like-new condition!

 Offer Includes:

Premium stainless-steel hookah with stabilized Circassian walnut wood stem – made in Krasnodar, Russia! Includes silicone hose, stainless mouthpiece, ashtray, and relevant parts. This hookah is very well-made, precision manufactured and disassembles very easily. Quality is exceptional!

Czech-made glass decanter base.

Stainless steel molasses trap (screws onto the top – made for this exact model) – made in Russia

Premium clay funnel bowl with a coral blue glaze – made in Russia.

 Dark blue glazed Harmony Phunnel bowl  

 Shair mouthpiece filter (new, unopened): claims to filter out up to 80% of tar and other toxins!  

Turbo coal heater: electric. Just plug it in, and it heats your coals from all angles!

 1 box Titanium coconut shell ptemium coals (66 pcs)

 Cleaning kit and tongs

 Literally, everything you need for a hookah experience…just add water!

 Over €400 in value!

 I have 38 extra mouthpiece filters left that I’ll sell for €3/ea or €100 for all 38!

Call Vladimir 07.xx.65.65.11

No tobacco products are included in the sale.

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