By Manon, Strasbourg, France


Frank Hello everybody, from the Brida community. Manon is going to give her very first presentation, her top five favourite cars. So, Manon, it is all yours, off you go.

Manon Okay, so I’m going to present you my top five favourite cars. So, I did a classement last month with five cars. At the fifth position, we have the Ferrari 458 Italia. It has 570 horsepower, accelerates to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 325 kilometres per hour.

In the fourth position, we have the Bugatti Chiron, which is the fastest car in the world. It has 1500 horsepower, accelerates to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 420 kilometres per hour. By the way, this car has the world speed record with 490.48 kilometres per hour.

At the third position, we have the Porsche 911 GT3 RS with 525 horsepower, acceleration to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.2 seconds, and a maximum speed of 296 kilometres per hour.

In the second position is the Audi R8, which has 620 horsepower, accelerates to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 318 kilometres per hour.

And the best for the end, my favourite car, the Lamborghini Aventador. It has 780 horsepower, accelerates to 100 kilometres per hour in 2.8 seconds, and its maximum speed is 355 kilometres per hour. And by the way, these classifications are not negotiable.

So I would like to talk about the Aventador story because it’s my favourite car. The first reveal of this car was at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011. Like each car of Lamborghini, Aventador was named after a famous fighting bull. The Lamborghini Aventador was created to replace the Lamborghini Murcielago. The Aventador has a lot of common characteristics with the Murcielago, but it is more powerful and has better elements. Usually, the Aventador is compared to a fighter plane because on the road, she is a monster. To speak about its engine, the Aventador has a V12 engine. So 12 is the number of its cylinders. To simplify, on city cars like DS3 or Peugeot, we have 3 or 4 cylinders, and on this car, we have 12 cylinders. So you can imagine the power of these cars.

In 2012, another version was created, the Aventador J. This car has no window, no roof, no rain screen, and no audio and navigation equipment. This car was not created to drive on the road, but just to show the progress of technology and to show an exceptional car. And by the way, if one day you have the chance to drive this car, Lamborghini recommends wearing equipment to protect yourself from windy conditions, rain, or little rocks on the road.

In the same year, Lamborghini created the Aventador Roadster, it’s an open-top version of the classic Aventador. So in 2015, Lamborghini released the Aventador SV. This version has 750 horsepower, is lighter, and it lost 50 kilograms. The same year, Lamborghini released this version with an open-top version.

In 2017, Lamborghini created the Aventador S, another version from the classic Aventador, and this version is supposed to be more adapted to drive on the road. In 2019, the Aventador SVJ was created, which is one of my favourites. It has 770 horsepower and the ALA system. To simplify, it’s an aerodynamic system to offer better stability in windy conditions. This car was very unique because in the world we have only 900 models.

To finish, I present the most recent version of the Aventador, the Aventador LP 780-4. This version has 780 horsepower and is the most powerful Aventador of the world. This version has the time record on the Nürburgring circuit because it completed 20.6 kilometres in 6 minutes and 44 seconds. You can see that the evolution is not very visual, but especially technical. And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.

Frank Manon, you said in the preparation that you have a very sad story. What is the sad story? That’s my first question. Did you ever have a chance to sit in one of these cars or maybe even drive one of these cars?

Manon Okay, so when I did my research to prepare this presentation, I read a sentence, and the sentence really broke my heart because it said the future version of the Aventador will be a hybrid version. And for me, it’s like a knife in my heart because in the future, we won’t have the beautiful noise of the engine, and it’s very terrible.

Frank You like loud engines.

Manon Yes. Okay. It’s the most beautiful thing about this car, its noise.

Frank Do you have a recording of it on your iPod or iPhone?

Manon Sorry, I don’t understand.

Frank Do you have a recording of this noise on your iPhone?

Manon Oh, no.

Frank No. Okay. And did you ever have a chance to drive or sit in one of these cars?

Manon One day. I hope.

Frank One day you hope. Okay. Maxine, you are here with us. Do you have any questions or comments?

Maxime Yes. Firstly, can you explain to us when the Aventador LP did the time record on the Nürburgring circuit and what we said during the preparation?

Manon So this record was realized in 2018 and it’s not the same year of this presentation because it’s a prototype of these cars. Voila.

Maxime And I just have another question. Can you go back to the Bugatti Chiron?

Frank Yes. Yeah. That is my favorite car, actually. I’m sorry to disagree with you, Manon, but that one is nice. It’s elegant.

Manon Oh, it is very beautiful.

Maxime Can you explain how it is possible to have the world record at 480, but the maximum speed is in theory 420?

Manon Okay. Its maximum speed is on the road, but it’s not its maximum speed. On the road, you cannot drive at this speed, but on the circuit, you can drive very fast because it’s not the same size of the road. And on the road, this is amazing and incredible if you drive at this speed. But on the circuit, it’s more easy.

Maxime So the real maximum speed of this car is more than 420.

Manon Yes, exactly.

Maxime It’s not an older version of this Bugatti Chiron, so it’s the same, but, or you don’t know? I’m not sure, so I didn’t say everything.

Frank Maxime, if you drove that car from your home in the Alsace to Laval at the maximum speed, how long would it take you, the regular maximum speed, not the world record speed, but the maximum speed?

Maxime I have 760 kilometers between Strasbourg and Laval, so 420 kilometers per hour, I think in an hour and 40, maybe.

Frank An hour and 40 minutes. So technically, you could drive home and then go to university every day in that car. It wouldn’t be a problem.

Maxime Yes. But I think that at this speed, the 27 French Spies cannot flash me.

Frank No?

Maxime No. I think it’s too speedy for them.

Frank You’ll be too quick for them, yeah? Yes. So you can speak with Santa Claus and ask for a Bugatti Chiron for Christmas next year or this year. Exactly.

Manon If Santa doesn’t have a Bugatti Chiron, Maxime doesn’t have a Bugatti Chiron.

Frank Okay. All right. Thank you very much for your really interesting presentation. Well done.

Manon Thank you.

Frank And we’ll take it from there. Now I have to somehow stop recording this. How will I stop recording at all?

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