During the holidays, I stayed at home and went to Hagenau. It is a town in Alsace, about 40 kilometres from Hunspach. I went to the cinema. I watched Saw X with my friends. Five persons in a room are trapped by a bad person. Two persons die. The film had a lot of suspense.

I organised a party with my friends. There were 10 people. I cooked spaghetti carbonara. It has pasta, cream, bacon cubes, eggs, white wine, and cheese. After dinner, we had lots of fun. I played badminton with my club in Sarguemine in Lorraine. I played badminton at 8 am. I won the first match 21-18.

The holidays were good because I did not have homework. The bad time in the holidays was cleaning the house after my parties. The next holidays are in December.


The holidays started in October and finished in November.

During the holidays, I stayed in Hunspach and went to Hohwiller. It is several kilometres from my house. I went cycling and played with the Playstation. It is the console to play video games for example Fortnite, Fifa and Rider Republic. Fortnite is the best because it is good fun to play with friends. In Hohwiller Robin’s mother took us to the Stride indoor bike park in Strasbourg.

It was cool because I like cycling a lot. Robin is my friend. I slept, and I played badminton with my club in Luxemburg. We drove in a minibus. The journey took two and a half hours. We stayed for a week in a small hotel.


My grandparents came to my house. They live in Romania. We stayed at home. I did my homework. I played with my friends. I went to a birthday party. The birthday party was good.

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