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Need a certified professional dog trainer but want to learn from the comfort and security of home? Live online training works GREAT!

Hello! My name is Thomas, and I am a certified professional dog trainer. Positive dog training is my passion, and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping pet parents and their beloved dogs to build powerful bonds through successful training.

All classes are provided live online via Skype or Zoom. Each class is one hour. I can help you to train a puppy or dog of any age or training level. During each class, I will explain training techniques and demonstrate them with my own dog, and then I coach you along as you practice with your pup. It is hands-on learning and it’s very effective. It is also lots of fun! After each class, to help you practice at home, I will email you a home practice sheet pertaining to that day’s lessons. All active clients are also welcome to correspond with me via email at any time, so I can help you out with any questions along the way.

We can stop unwanted behaviours (chewing, nipping, barking, etc) and teach desirable behaviours (sit, stay, come, heel, etc). We can also teach fun games and tricks!  We will plan each lesson according to your dog’s specific needs.

I am currently charging just €60 per one-hour session, and €145 for a 3-session package. Online training is done via Skype or Zoom and is available to anyone with access to a good internet connection and the ability to pay by PayPal. To get started, please reply here, and I will respond soon. It will be my pleasure to speak with you.

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