We welcome Babette to the community and also Sylvie. Sylvie has been here for a while, but work pressure has kept her from participating actively. But we did manage to get an introduction from her.

It has been a little quieter this week as Easter casts its shadow. Some are away on holiday, which will give us much to talk about later this month.

Guy and Geneviève also posted for the first time. What a surprise to discover where everybody has travelled to!

In our AI discussion thread, Nathalie commented on a television programme she had seen. She and Cléa are off to Paris later this month. Maxime was very happy with all the comments he received regarding his presentation, and we will put it all into his reworked version. We also need to prepare for the first meeting between him and Walter. 

Levent and I had a meeting on Tuesday, and I asked him about the rate of inflation in Turkey. He said, it is higher than the 60% I had mentioned. He mentioned that in a few weeks, the price of cucumbers had shot up from 2TL/kg (€0.12) to 28TL/kg (€1.50). It is always interesting to learn about the situation of other people. His comment was, we have to learn to live with it, even if we don’t quite know how.

We still need to organise some questions for Frédéric when he comes on April 13. Questions are also the theme of this week’s Communicate with Confidence video.

I hope you find it useful.

See you again in two weeks, after Easter.

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