Text read by Mary Peters

I am a 27-year experienced top professional personal trainer. I am certified and have insurance. I have been training all types of clients with all types of fitness goals. I have been an independent personal trainer for 15 years since 2005. Before that, I worked for fitness clubs and gyms as a personal trainer for 12 years since 1993.

I competed in bodybuilding contests for 10 years in the past and I am still in great shape to inspire others. I can definitely help you to get you in shape because I proved it on my body. So, I am living proof. Results are guaranteed. My training system is very efficient and effective you will definitely see the results. I am specialized in weight loss, toning, gaining muscle mass, size, cut definition, cardiovascular, cross-fit training and stretching.

I trained many clients so far: male, female, middle-aged people, actors, musicians, businessmen, celebrities, politicians seniors, teenagers, models, athletes, bodybuilders, football players. swimmers, basketball players. They all saw the results. Besides, I have 15 years of experience to train senior people for their health and fitness.

So, if you want to take care of your body and health regardless of your age and without a fitness background, I can definitely help you. I have been told by my clients and others that I am the best trainer in the city not only because I am a champion bodybuilder, or I am in top shape, but also I am a friendly positive, good motivator, dedicated, innovator trainer. I have unique techniques which most trainers don’t even know. I train my clients at their building gyms, homes, outdoor parks, I can travel to train you at your place and apartment building gym.

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