Text read by Mary Peters


200 g white beans, soaked beforehand
8 potatoes
300 g carrots
200 g leeks
200 g turnips
½ celery stalk
5 cloves of garlic
500 g beef chuck
500 g veal shank
1 small slice pork belly
1 goose leg confit
1 sausage to be cooked
1 onion
1 clove
1 bouquet garni
salt, pepper


Put the beef, veal and sausage in a large earthenware pot. Cover with cold water and bring to the boil slowly. Skim carefully. Cook for 2 hours.

In the meantime, half cook the white beans in lightly salted water, flavoured with thyme. Scrape the carrots and turnips, cut them into pieces. Peel the onion, prick it with a clove. Trim, wash and gather the leeks into a small, loosely tied bundle. Crush the garlic cloves.

Cut excess fat from the meat and put everything in the pot. Add pepper, the bouquet garni, the celery stalks. Cook for half an hour on a very low heat.

Add the potatoes, the white beans, the quarters of goose confit, a pinch of salt. Cook again for another 1/2 hour. Serve, in a large deep dish, the sliced meats, the vegetables around. Taste with pickles, small onions in vinegar, mustard and coarse salt. The hot broth can be served with slices of country bread toasted and rubbed with garlic.

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