Introducing Brida

What is Brida?

Brida is two things: It is a learning community, and it is also dedicated to helping people practise and improve their ability to communicate in English. These two aspects are interlinked with each other. One cannot happen without the other. 

Practise makes perfect

Brida is structured like a social networking site. What makes it different is that it is funded by a membership fee and does not use algorithms or targeted advertising. Members improve their ability to communicate in English in the most natural way: practise makes perfect. 

What does Brida offer?

How does Brida work?

Who manages Brida?

Frank Peters, born in 1961, has been an English communication trainer for over  27 years. As the owner of a language school in Mannheim, Germany, he has supported the management of several companies, including Daimler-Chrysler, Bombardier Transportation and Walmart Germany. He has been working on the Brida project since 2015.

Mary, his wife, works in the administration at Windlesham House School, one of England’s leading public schools. They both live in France and England.

Meet Frank

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